Top Trends In Lice Removal

Head lice is an unpleasant parasite that affects six to twelve million people a year. It causes extreme itchiness and discomfort while living on your scalp and feeding on your blood. Unfortunately, almost everyone will have a run in with this unpleasant infestation at one point or another in their lifetime especially if you have young children or teens in public schools.

The problem comes in when you are trying to get rid of these pesky pests because nobody sells a foolproof, easy method for louse removal. Not only is it hard to get rid of once you have contracted lice, but it is also highly contagious. People who have long, loose hair often have an easier time contracting lice and a harder time treating it. Lice like to be warm, longer hair provide them with this type of environment. Therefore, it is more common in women than in men.

There have been many ways to treat lice infestations through the years and some have been shown to be successful while others fizzled out after they failed to remove the problem. The ones that work are great for making sure that you are doing your best to get rid of the issue, but you are going to have to be consistent with every single one of these methods to ensure that everything, including the eggs, are gone.

One of the top trends in lice removal, which has been around for years and has proven quite successful, is simply using water. It is recommended to wash your hair every day when you have head lice. You are not required to shampoo every day but simply running hot water through your hair every day.

Also, disinfecting everything from hats to bedding to combs and brushes with hot water is highly recommended. This is so that you do not reintroduce the parasite to your scalp after you have successfully removed it.

Something that has become popular very quickly is using a lice comb to comb through your hair and kill the lice. It works by shocking them which kills them and you can then remove them from your hair. You are going to want to continue this method for at least a week to make sure that the lice that just recently hatched are also taken care of.

Something that a lot of people don’t do but is a very important part of getting rid of lice is to clean anywhere that you child or you rest your heads. You are going to want to switch out pillowcases and bedding frequently and wash it in hot water. You are also going to want to vacuum your child’s car seat daily.

Anything that can’t be washed, such as hair ties and stuffed animals, should be sealed in plastic bags or put in the dryer on high for about 30 minutes. Since lice are a human parasite they can’t live without blood for more than 24 hours. You will also need to wash any combs, brushes, or hair clips daily to make sure that any lice are dislodged and won’t be reintroduced to the scalp.

While lice are highly unpleasant and an extreme nuisance, they are not deadly and they do not carry any diseases. If you or your family has it, don’t freak out! It is extremely curable and just takes some solid time and effort to make sure that those little bugs are not living on your scalp much longer!

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