The Shepherd Method

Taking Lice Removal to the next level.

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Katie Shepherd
Katie Shepherd

The Shepherd Method™ Difference

The Upstate Lice Center takes lice removal one step further by practicing the Shepherd Method™ which is, without a doubt, the most effective lice removal process available.

We know that head lice removal needs to be done meticulously, because there is no room for error. We never take short cuts with our removal process.

After the initial combing is completed, the hair is then divided into 4 equal parts. Each quadrant is then examined in paper-thin layers, one strand of hair at a time. Then, just to be sure, we do a final visual head check for any missed nits or bugs. We know that this is the only way to guarantee thoroughly clean lice free hair, and to provide our clients with the best service possible!

We are proud to be the only local head lice treatment center certified and trained in the Shepherd Method™. Katie Shepherd, the founder of this method, is recognized as one of the top lice experts in the country.

We are so confident in our treatment we guarantee your child can return to school immediately after treatment!

We care about you and your family, and are always available to answer your questions or to alleviate your fears.

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