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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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Full Salon Treatment

Full Treatments take approximately 2 hours and will include head checks for every one in the household, full comb out, strand-by-strand review, final head check, and post checks. Post checks are important to ensure there is no re-infestation! But don’t worry if we find any lice you are covered!

*We do ALL the work*

Treatment times vary depending on hair length, thickness, if any products are in hair (please come with clean hair with NO products like mousse, gel, etc.), and ability to keep a steady head.

  • Please specify hair length when booking your appointment:
    • Short: above the shoulders
    • Medium: shoulder to mid-back
    • Long: mid-back or longer
  • Pricing
    • Females $190
    • Males $135

You’re busy running your life. We understand!

Let us take the itchy load off of your shoulders…

We ask Prior to your first visit to please:

  • Come with CLEAN, DRY hair
  • NO hair products, i.e. gel, mousse, hair spray, etc. (your appointment will take MUCH longer if you come with hair product in your hair)
  • Bring a snack and beverage

Head Checks

If you’ve been exposed to lice, let the professionals check! The sooner you get checked the easier lice is to deal with. The cost of the head check is waived if you receive a full lice removal treatment.

Head Checks With Treatment Solution

If you come in for a head check and no evidence of lice is found, but were recently exposed to lice we will put in our treatment solution, just in case!

Jump Start Treatment 

This treatment is 15-20 minutes of a professional lice removal comb out. During this you will receive education and recommendations on how to complete the lice removal process at home.

Please note, this treatment is not guaranteed and does not include head checks or rechecks, but is a great way to learn from the professionals.

Scalp Treatment

Feeling itchy?  Let us help!  We apply our natural itch reliever to help take the itchies away!

At Home Treatment Option

This will include 1 bottle of Shampoo, 1 Mint Spray, and the Terminator Comb

Pre and Post Head Check

Remember you must COMB, COMB, COMB.

We will work with ALL families……..Please DO NOT hesitate to call us.  We are here for YOU!

School or Camp Head Checks

Call us today to have our technicians come to your school or camp to perform head checks. Call for pricing.

Speaking Engagements

We would love to come talk to your group about all things head lice! Contact us today to schedule!

Additonal Fees

Detangling Fee: $15

In preparation for your treatment or recheck visit we ask that hair is washed and free from products and oil.

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