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Lice Removal Spartanburg

The biggest problem with head lice is not the parasite itself, but the fact that it carries a stigma. Head lice often spread from one child to another. All children are susceptible, regardless of neighborhood or income level. If head lice are noticed, treatment needs to start immediately. Upstate Lice Center is discreet and appointments can be made quickly for lice removal Spartanburg.

How long a treatment takes depends on the length of a patient’s hair, but also on its thickness and the severity of the lice situation. Patients should come to treatment with clean dry hair, and without using any hair products such as gel, mousse or other products.

Upstate Lice Center features technicians fully certified in The Shepherd Method of lice removal. This method involves a technician going through a person’s hair strand by strand. This is important, because the lice eggs, called nits, are fastened tightly to individual hairs, and if the nits are not removed, the lice problem quickly recurs. The Shepherd Method is particularly effective at removing all nits. Upstate is the only clinic using this method in the Spartanburg area.

Upstate Lice Center is child-friendly and in addition to treatment for head lice, offers education about lice to patients, and the public. We sell several products for home use, all of them non-toxic. These may be used for at-home treatment or following treatment at the clinic. Lice removal Spartanburg means Upstate Lice Center.  Make an Appointment today for more information.

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Lice Removal Spartanburg
Lice Removal Spartanburg

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