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Head Lice Removal in Clemson, SC

What is Head Lice?

Head lice are parasites that are most commonly found in the hair of young children. They feed on the blood from the scalp and lay eggs that stick to the hair. When someone has head lice, their head will become very itchy due to the irritation from the lice saliva. There are multiple ways to treat head lice. The most effective way to remove and treat head lice is with medicine.

Why It’s Important To Remove & Treat Head Lice?

It is important to remove and treat head lice for multiple reasons. If left untreated, lice can be spread to other people and throughout the residence, causing an extreme infestation.

Just like with any other parasite, head lice feed off your blood and lay eggs in your hair. The constant bites to the scalp will cause an itching that can last weeks after the complete removal of all lice and eggs.

The itching can also lead to problems. Constant itching will irritate the scalp and can cause bleeding and open sores. The open sores can also lead to infections in the scalp. The itchy feeling can also lead to a lack of sleep, which could begin to effect other areas of a person’s health if it is persistent.

Another reason it is important to remove and treat head lice, especially in young children, is because schools and work places will prevent someone from attending until they get it treated. There are some schools that will not even let a child attend school if they only have eggs.

Therefore, it is important to treat and remove head lice, especially in children, to prevent the possibility of spreading them, causing scalp infections, health issues due to lack of sleep, and to prevent children from missing school.

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